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Le guide avancé du Sketchnote
Some years ago I had the chance to contribute some sketchnotes in Mike Rhode's books about sketchnoting.

In the above video you can flip through the second book by designer Mike Rohde on sketchnoting. It just came out in a French translation and dropped in my mailbox. Very proud to have been invited to fill no less than three pages in the book with sketches!

I’ve been a practitioner of sketchnotes for a long time, and it has been an integral part of my work. Not only professionally, but also in the creation of my travel journals I use the technique extensively. I can only encourage everybody to give it a try. The original English editions can be found on the website of Mike Rohde.

For the version in the video, the invited sketchnoters are practically all French, and the sketchnotes themselves are in French too. Have a look on the publisher’s website for more information: Les Eyrolles, Le guide avancé du sketchnote

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