The colours of Velleron
We went for the tomatoes.
Urban sketch of a Trabant in Velleron, Provence

Provence is well known for its bright-coloured markets. Apt, Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Carpentras, and Coustellet are among the most famous. Velleron adds one extra colour.


My wife sorts everything by colour. It gives her life balance and structure, she says. I’m the total opposite and if I would need to sort things, it would rather be by form or size.

But walking through Velleron, a small village near Isle-sur-la-Sorgue in a region called the Comtat Venaissin, the above situation did strike me. There is this turquoise East-German Trabant of which you could ask ‘How did it get here?’. No way it drove here in that state!

Right on the corner where it was parked is a house of which the door, shutters and draining pipe are painted in almost the exact same color. (not the one in the picture) Coincidence? Or are driver and resident the same?

It would be cruel not to mention the farmers market of Velleron. Nothing picturesque about it, but when it comes to quality of fruit and vegetables it is the top. The market ranks among the 100 Marchés d’Exception en France. Starts with a whistle of the champètre every evening around 6 pm from April to end of September (Closed on Sunday). Not to miss!

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