Beaumes de Venise

urban sketch of a Renault 4TL in Beaumes-de-Venise

Beaumes de Venise is classified as a ‘place of remarkable taste.’ Indeed, the wines are excellent, and the kitchens are of good reputation. The region produces two distinctively different wines of which you’ve certainly heard: the famous Muscat du Beaume de Venise (sweet fortified wine) and a red Côtes du Rhône Village. As a patent of nobility, the restaurant walls are covered with labels and certificates.

French lesson at the Bistro

Beaumes de Venise: french lesson at the bistro

We chose one with a large treille that protected the large terrace from the burning sun. All the doors and windows were wide open. The guests were mostly French, which is a good sign. Go where the locals eat, is the best advice.
Two women sat in the corner in front of the window where the kitchen was. One was French and knew the cook. She threw in some remarks through the open window once in a while. The other lady spoke with a deep voice and a bright accent. She was British and was taking French lessons. They commented on pictures on their smartphones.

They had the same as we had: la formule de midi. A delicious entrecôte with vegetables, couscous and a green salad on the side + a quarter of rosé and a dessert of choice. All that for €14,-. (2014) Not bad hey?! And you get to learn French at the same time.

If you plan to visit Beaumes de Venise, you could add Séguret and Gigondas to your trip as they are worth a visit too and just a stone’s throw away.