My experience could be of use in your project.

With more than 25 years of proficiency as a copywriter, designer, & publisher I keep a focus on the creation of functional content for your print and online publications. With proficiency in English / French / Dutch,  I can manage multilingual websites, brochures, direct response mailings, or any other form of written and visual communication.

On the pages of this website, I like to combine the three core elements of my work: writing, sketching & photography. The stories are personal and on a multitude of subjects: travel, culture, and sketching are my favorite themes. Offering visitors a glimpse in my sketch journals is a good way of getting to know me, I believe.


All drawings,photographs, audio and video on this website are my own. If you are interested in licensing, please contact me by email.

I take commissions too. I know about deadlines, so I’ll get back to you ASAP 😉