Roadsigns as a peoples heritage

Michelin leaving his trace

La Borne D'Angle

It has been a long time since I wanted to write a piece about the mythical borne d’angle of Michelin. You can still find them here and there along French roads. At first, I thought it was a simple painted concrete structure. The signs actually look like tiles from inside a car. Upon closer investigation, it appears that Michelin used an ingenious technique. In section: two layers of enamel on lava rock, 15 mm thick and mounted on reinforced concrete. And the organization around it was evenly amazing. The production of this road signage by Michelin ran from 1908 to 1971.

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The navel of the South of France

When bulls drank pastis.

In anticipation of the French presidential elections on April 23 and May 7, 2017, I browse one of my old notebooks seeking comments on the previous electoral duel. Not so difficult, the presidency in France is valid for five years, sometimes to the disappointment of many.

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Strolling through Ménerbes

Cyriel Buysse vs. Peter Mayle

Whenever we are in the Luberon region in Provence, we visit one of our favorite perched villages: Ménerbes. I know what you’re thinking: “Peter Mayle fans!” Not really. After living here for eight years, I was rather disappointed when I read One good Year.

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