My ongoing struggle between analog & digital …

Carnet de Voyage

A publication as a suitcase for the inner journey, exploring an unknown land or other initiatory journey around a single theme for a specified period.

You have reached the website of Ivan Seymus. The blog has been partially moved to Is this a good idea? Honestly, I don't know yet. I read a lot about it and my tendency, and probably the most sensible thing to do, is to build something new on my own land. But then again, will it be a Wordpress powered website or a handmade disorderly collage like this page? Like my travel journals themselves?


In the meanwhile a introductory image gallery can be found on flickr. And you'll find me posting regularly on Instagram and tumblr.

[ The breakfast table. One of the preferred places to brainstorm about this problem that really isn't one. But then again that seems to be a sign of the times. ]