I like to say that I’m a world citizen with a notebook in hand to write, sketch, and tell stories with all senses present. Travelogue, carnet de voyage, sketchnote, commonplace book, all these concepts apply to what I trust to my pages in one way or another. Zibaldone is probably my favorite description because, like an Italian pasta dish prepared by my wife, it sounds as good as it tastes.

This website is a voyage in itself. Here I traverse through photography, sketches, and audio an online zibaldone with, probably, an unattainable destination in prospect.

Zibaldone da Ivan

Le guide avancé du Sketchnote

In the above video you can flip through the second book by designer Mike Rohde on sketchnoting. It just came out in a French translation and dropped in my mailbox. Very proud to have been invited to fill no less than three pages in the book with sketches!

The navel of the South of France

In anticipation of the French presidential elections on April 23 and May 7, 2017, I browse one of my old notebooks seeking comments on the previous electoral duel. Not so difficult, the presidency in France is valid for five years, sometimes to the disappointment of many.

Hiking along the GR92 in Catalonia

Since we were camping at our daughters’ place in the Luberon for a month, we took the plan to get away for a few days and visit Catalonia. From Provence in France, it’s approximately a 4 to 5 hours drive depending on where you want to end up.