The navel of the South of France

In anticipation of the French presidential elections on April 23 and May 7, 2017, I browse one of my old notebooks seeking comments on the previous electoral duel. Not so difficult, the presidency in France is valid for five years, sometimes to the disappointment of many. Spring 2012 The ballot that would give us Hollande,... Continue Reading →

Vegetables and a Trabant in Velleron

My wife sorts everything by color. It gives her life balance and structure, she says. I’m the total opposite and if I would need to sort things, it would rather be by form or size. Velleron But walking through Velleron, a small village near Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, the above situation did strike me. There is this turquoise... Continue Reading →

Beaumes de Venise

Beaumes de Venise is classified as a ‘place of remarkable taste.' Indeed, the wines are excellent, and the kitchens are of good reputation. The region produces two distinctively different wines of which you've certainly heard: the famous Muscat du Beaume de Venise (sweet fortified wine) and a red Côtes du Rhône Village. As a patent of... Continue Reading →

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